Sheevaa Releases EP called The Five Stages of Grief

There is no one out there who can match the uniqueness and skill that the nu metal/Eastern melody band Sheevaa does. Founded on April 20th, 2013, Sheevaa consists of lead singer Akash Hans, bassist Roberto Arturo and Drummer Pete Dornowski. These group of gentlemen have brought a whole new outlook on nu metal. Not only are they amazing on paper but they are remarkable live. The fans of Sheevaa have been anticipating an EP from Sheevaa for some time and after the band decided this was the perfect time we have officially gotten our wish.

The Five Stages of Grief explores the mind, body and soul. Tracks titled Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance follow the stages we experience when we lose a loved one. Each song incorporates breakdowns, vocal changes, amazing guitar riffs and of course bass drops. The most notable aspect of Sheevaa is Akash’s vocal style. You can almost see the emotions and pain he feels as the EP goes through each stage. We look forward to hearing more from Sheevaa in the near future. Tour announcements soon. fivestages

Available NOW:
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