Two Punk Band Returns Im Waiting For.

Heart to Heart-
With their latest work Dulce ( 2014) Heart to Heart spent the last few years working real hard. Touring on the Vans Warped Tour before it release, the band made sure that every set they played was beyond expectations. The thing that keeps anyone and everyone listening to this band, even during their time off, is the fact their lyrics never cease to conform to anything less than  what they want. They always touch on subjects most musicians wouldn’t dare to speak of, domestic violence, addiction, and even mental health.  Words cannot begin to describe the level of musicians they are also, taking everything into consideration Heart to Heart is a band going to be taking the world by storm.
Recommended song:Heart to Heart – Stuck (feat. Tony Geravesh from Stickup Kid)
Wild and loud, Handguns is a band that will blow you away from the moment they hit the stage.
Their latest work Disenchanted (2015) was an excellent follow up to their previous work Angst, with a fresh new feel. Handguns is that band you listen to when anything and everything is going wrong, they have a reckless sound that helps push problems out of your mind. I can’t wait for what’s next from Handguns, because everyone needs that bandaid once in their life.
Recommend song: Self Portrait- Handguns


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