Four Iconic Music Videos

Apes? Marching? Nakedness? Heavy Make Up? Here are four iconic music videos!

1) Thnks fr th Mmrs ( Fall Out Boy)- A cameo from Kim Kardashian? Plus apes that steal your girlfriend? Fall Out Boy’s Thnks fr th Mmrs takes my number one, because from the second it start to the moment it finishes the video is a wild ride. As part of the 2007 album Infinity On High this video still makes its rounds to this day!

     2) Welcome To The Black Parade ( My Chemical Romance)- The song itself is iconic enough, now take the music and bring it to life? Oh yeah! With a full blown ‘black’ parade and enough sass from vocalist Gerard Way the video matches the song to 100%.
Can’t forget oh rocking ‘Mother War’ looks!
     3) What’s My Age Again? (Blink-182)- What’s my age again? Who knows! All I know is that taking my number three stop is the video for their 1999 song, What’s My Age Again?!  Running and performing naked throughout the whole video, I call this one iconic because that’s not something you can forget!
   4) I Write Sins Not Tragedies (Panic! At The Disco) – The song that will have you screaming about shutting the blessid door! Once again another video adding towards an iconic song, P!ATD sure made this one rock! A circus esque themed wedding and an saying that will last forever, this takes my number four spot!

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