Attila Get In Fight With Security Over Mistreated Fan 

At their Milwaukee show Attila fans wanted an encore. During that encore a fight ensued. Here’s the bands explanation: 

After Attila completed playing their rock show in Milwaukee, the crowd demanded for one more song, the band entered the stage and as they were playing the encore “Proving Grounds.” Fronz commanded the crowd to “get fucking crazy and start crowdsurfing their way to the front” as this was their last chance to do so tonight. As fans began crowdsurfing to their way to the front about halfway through the song security starting getting very violent with Attila fans and began to punch them in the head and get very violent with them. Security was punching someone violently in the head in the front row during “Proving Grounds,” So Chris our guitarist went and kicked him in the back to get the security guard to stop punching and violently hurting our fans and the security guard turned around and pulled Chris Linck off the stage straight into the section between barricade and stage and then the band got into a full on brawl with security guards and ending the set abruptly.

Watch the video here 

🎥 Katima Hyuga

Here’s some tweets about the event:


3 thoughts on “Attila Get In Fight With Security Over Mistreated Fan ”

    1. Ive seen attila a few times and from what i know they heavily encourage others to crowdsurf to the front and event get on stage. Seems like security couldnt handle the amount of people and they probably were just tossing crowdsurfers left and right. The guitarist was trying to defend the victim and was dragged by his leg down.


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