Kostka Releases EP Titled ‘Far From Near’

Michigan always seems to have very talented artists and a good example of one of them is Alex Kostka of Kostka. Kostka’s album called “Far From Near” was released on March 14 and it is an easy listening album. The acoustics are very calming and relaxing to listen to.
One of my favorite songs is “All Over You.” I’m always a sucker for a good love song. This song explains that love can be scary and sometimes instead of sharing your feelings towards someone it is better to show your feelings instead. I am the one to believe that love is more then what you do and less about what you say if it is sincere and true.
“The Honest Truth” is a song that could be interpreted in many ways but from my perspective the song is talking about someone hiding something possibly a sincere remark such as your beautiful. Whatever it is it’s positive because there intentions is to
save it for a rainy day. The honest truth is intended to lift up someone’s spirits on a depressing day. “Fireworks” is a song that I think is pointing out the important stuff that happen in your life you should never forget. The important events and life changing moments will be the experiences that will shape you the most of who the person you will eventually become in the future. Not only that but those are the moments you can share to others in hopes of inspiring and motivating them to strive for a better life for themselves.
This album as a whole talks about the importance of showing others your love whether its someone you are romantically involved with, a family member, friends or a stranger. Love makes the world a more peaceful place to live in and to me the most important thing to create a wonderful life.






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