Woman Suffered Multiple Injuries at SPITE Show [Video]

Janelle Dunnaway attended a show in Denver over the weekend where the known hardcore dancing provoking band Spite played. While standing next to the barricade near the outside of the pit she was struck by another attendee, Daniel Flint. 

The result of being struck in the face caused her to lose four teeth as well as sustain multiple skull fractures. The result of her injuries cause for multiple surgeries that is very costly. The all female band Conquer Divide has assisted with a call to action to help Dunnaway with her medical bills and have set up a GoFundMe

Some images of her injuries (via Facebook):

Security footage: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oMSBI1m1moM by Music lover234

Additional footage of her participation provided by Marcus Palmer: 

Many are discussing “pit etiquette” and blaming Mr. Flint for Ms. Dunnaways injuries calling them intentional and uncalled for. What do you think? 


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