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Five Songs You Need On Your St.Patrick’s Day Playlist:

Going Out Of Style- Dropkick Murphys
Known for their celtic inspired jams, band Dropkick Murphys surely makes any and every Saint Patrick’s Day a party!
A Fistful O’ Roses- The Rumjacks
Heavier sounding and all around angry, The Rumjacks bring forth the perfect jams to getting you pumped for Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Whiskey In A Jar- The Dubliners
Heading towards the more traditional sounding Irish music, band The Dubliners make a great effort of mixing new and old.
Jump Around- House Of Pain
House Of Pain? Why not through a little hip hop into the mix! This well known track makes for a energetic listen!

The Worst Day Since Yesterday- Flogging Molly
Lighter, yet as fun as every other song listed! Flogging Molly does a great job of keeping it realistic and easy to relate to!