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Woman Suffered Multiple Injuries at SPITE Show [Video]

Janelle Dunnaway attended a show in Denver over the weekend where the known hardcore dancing provoking band Spite played. While standing next to the barricade near the outside of the pit she was struck by another attendee, Daniel Flint. 

The result of being struck in the face caused her to lose four teeth as well as sustain multiple skull fractures. The result of her injuries cause for multiple surgeries that is very costly. The all female band Conquer Divide has assisted with a call to action to help Dunnaway with her medical bills and have set up a GoFundMe

Some images of her injuries (via Facebook):

Security footage: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oMSBI1m1moM by Music lover234

Additional footage of her participation provided by Marcus Palmer: 

Many are discussing “pit etiquette” and blaming Mr. Flint for Ms. Dunnaways injuries calling them intentional and uncalled for. What do you think? 


Album Review: “Unbroken” by A Killer’s Confession


April 27th, 2017-Anyone from Cleveland recognizes the name Waylon Reavis. Normally after that the name Mushroomhead is associated. Not anymore. Reavis left Mushroomhead last year after a dispute among members. He has formed a new band called A Killer’s Confession that has taken off tremendously. Many would have thought that the singer wouldn’t do well by himself but his first tour titled “Year of the Killers Tour” featuring Kissing Candice, Erasing Never, and Dead By Wednesday did very well.

A Killer’s Confession is not just another hard rock band. What makes them unique especially on this album is it seems they got some of their inspiration from Marilyn Manson and dubstep music. The reason why I say Marilyn Manson is because in one of their songs called “A Killer’s Confession featuring Brian Head Welch” has some very demonic vocals and bits and pieces of dubstep sounds incorporated into the song.

Another song that makes itself noticed on this album is “1080”. The songs introduction is an attention grabber itself because the first thing you hear is the sound of a voice from possibly the lead singer talking out words. This song to me was all about struggling to survive every day and trying to fight your demons. The classic topic I believe for every rock band to write about but it never gets old.

“Life of the Lost” is the first song I heard on this album that was very catchy. I enjoyed the lyrics as they were easy to follow along with as well as the message the song conveyed.  Even though it was very catchy the band still stuck with their hard rock and roll roots which made the song ultimately unique.

Even a hard rock band has their times when they make a love song and on this album, that would be “Sympathy (featuring Kimberly Freeman of ONE EYED DOLL)”. This song I think is the softest song on the album which makes sense because it’s about what everyone wants which is finding love. The whole album is worth listening to especially if you enjoy hard rock and roll vocals and instrumentals.

Unbroken will be officially released tomorrow April 28th, 2017 and the CD Release Party will be held at The Foundry in Lakewood, Ohio April 29th, at 7pm event link here. A Killer’s Confession recently announced there tour with NonPoint and Nine Shrines.

Dates below:

AKC Tour Flyer






Kostka Releases EP Titled ‘Far From Near’

Michigan always seems to have very talented artists and a good example of one of them is Alex Kostka of Kostka. Kostka’s album called “Far From Near” was released on March 14 and it is an easy listening album. The acoustics are very calming and relaxing to listen to.
One of my favorite songs is “All Over You.” I’m always a sucker for a good love song. This song explains that love can be scary and sometimes instead of sharing your feelings towards someone it is better to show your feelings instead. I am the one to believe that love is more then what you do and less about what you say if it is sincere and true.
“The Honest Truth” is a song that could be interpreted in many ways but from my perspective the song is talking about someone hiding something possibly a sincere remark such as your beautiful. Whatever it is it’s positive because there intentions is to
save it for a rainy day. The honest truth is intended to lift up someone’s spirits on a depressing day. “Fireworks” is a song that I think is pointing out the important stuff that happen in your life you should never forget. The important events and life changing moments will be the experiences that will shape you the most of who the person you will eventually become in the future. Not only that but those are the moments you can share to others in hopes of inspiring and motivating them to strive for a better life for themselves.
This album as a whole talks about the importance of showing others your love whether its someone you are romantically involved with, a family member, friends or a stranger. Love makes the world a more peaceful place to live in and to me the most important thing to create a wonderful life.





Five Songs You Need On Your St.Patrick’s Day Playlist:

Going Out Of Style- Dropkick Murphys
Known for their celtic inspired jams, band Dropkick Murphys surely makes any and every Saint Patrick’s Day a party!
A Fistful O’ Roses- The Rumjacks
Heavier sounding and all around angry, The Rumjacks bring forth the perfect jams to getting you pumped for Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Whiskey In A Jar- The Dubliners
Heading towards the more traditional sounding Irish music, band The Dubliners make a great effort of mixing new and old.
Jump Around- House Of Pain
House Of Pain? Why not through a little hip hop into the mix! This well known track makes for a energetic listen!

The Worst Day Since Yesterday- Flogging Molly
Lighter, yet as fun as every other song listed! Flogging Molly does a great job of keeping it realistic and easy to relate to!

Album Review: Volume One by Maps to The Hollywood Scars

Expect to hear some new music from James Durbin, American Idol finalist and Alex Grossi guitarist of QUIET RIOT. Both announced their new collaboration called Maps to The Hollywood Scars. There new EP called Volume One definitely introduces a classic rock and roll sound that seem to have diminished in modern day culture. When I listen to this EP the first thing that came to my mind is Guns and Roses, Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith. All bands of the decade of long hair, dramatic high screams and guitar solos. One thing that seemed to be popular in 1980’s rock and roll is the usage of the word rock and roll in songs like Joan Jett and The Blackhearts. Songs like Lost Boys and Roads on the EP has the lyrics rock and roll in it which I believe was an inspiration of that decade. Even though this is a rock and roll EP the songs are very memorable and screams out rock star vibes that some of us may have missed in the past three decades. To top it off with a cherry on top the EP ends with a song called Never Ending Ride my opinion closes off the EP perfectly explaining the adventurous life each of us experiences with each other. What is a rock and roll EP if it doesn’t mention the crazy things we are forced to deal with everyday which is life itself. Life, being just a man and living on the road all classic problems of being a rock star. There are not many new bands currently that sounds like classic rock this could be the start of a new era of classic rock. After all music always seems to repeat itself in history and Maps to The Hollywood Scars could possibly be the ones to start that trend again.


Check the song below:



For more information on Maps to The Hollywood Scars, visit http://www.facebook.com/hollywoodscars

Four Times Bands Met TV

Billie Joe Armstrong ( Nurse Jackie)-


Playing Jackie’s pick up for the night, Armstrong plays a character that could potentially give Jackie a run for her money. Making a quick appearance, Armstrong’s roll was memorable by viewers.  Season 4 Episode 1.


Dave Navarro (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit)-


Playing the character Mr.Ferrari, Navarro was part of an episode that does touch on numerous serious topics. Playing witness to a serious domestic crime, Navarro takes on a character that is all too common in real situations. As normally on SVU, the show tries its best to portray all scenarios accurately.  Season 14 Episode 16.


Patrick Stump ( Law & Order)-


Playing the character Marty Dressler, who is a suspect in a high profile case, Stump takes on a new adventure.Acting. Though the case isn’t pleasant, as are many crime showcases, seeing Stump on a new stage makes the episode enjoyable.  Season 18 Episode 2.


Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson ( CSI: New York)-

Playing characters Chester Bryon and Lila Wickfield, former couple Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson took to the screen playing a Bonnie and Clyde wanna be couple. Taking on the roles in a great fashion, Wentz and Simpson added a flare to the show! Season 5 Episode 18.

Album Review: Bring Back the Sun by Charles Parker


Pop-Rock is a very good genre to get into. You have the harder elements of rock, while also having the peppy side of pop. A lot of your favorite bands could be classified as pop-rock, because it is such a wide reaching genre. Charles Parker definitely understands that. In his debut album, Bring Back the Sun released Jan 27th, 2017, he writes 15 very pop-rock songs.

The album was really fun to listen to. Each song makes you want to roll down your windows and drive, and not just because your AC is broken in your car! Bring Back the Sun has the peppy side of pop that I was talking about, but it also has rock elements. There were even a few songs with a guitar solo! Who doesn’t love a good guitar solo?

Parker has been playing guitar since he was a teenager. Some of his influences were The Bay City Rollers and the Partridge Family. As he got older, his tastes evolved. He started to like 80s hair bands, and also bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. You can hear the influences these bands had on him in his music. I felt a very 70s/80s rock vibe to a lot of his songs. One song in particular, One Way to Go, had a 70s feel to it.  

Even with the 70s and 80s influences, the overall aesthetic and feel to the album was very 90s rock. I can see some Hootie and the Blowfish and Third-Eye Blind influences in a few songs. Who doesn’t love 90s music? This album deserves a solid thumbs up.

Parker’s voice reminds me of a younger Dave Grohl. It reminds you of the Foo Fighters a little bit. As he produces more albums and matures in his musicianship, he will find his own personal sound, and we won’t hear so many other influences in his music. Very excited to see where his music goes, and how his voice (both out loud and in his writing) changes.