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Album Review: “Unbroken” by A Killer’s Confession


April 27th, 2017-Anyone from Cleveland recognizes the name Waylon Reavis. Normally after that the name Mushroomhead is associated. Not anymore. Reavis left Mushroomhead last year after a dispute among members. He has formed a new band called A Killer’s Confession that has taken off tremendously. Many would have thought that the singer wouldn’t do well by himself but his first tour titled “Year of the Killers Tour” featuring Kissing Candice, Erasing Never, and Dead By Wednesday did very well.

A Killer’s Confession is not just another hard rock band. What makes them unique especially on this album is it seems they got some of their inspiration from Marilyn Manson and dubstep music. The reason why I say Marilyn Manson is because in one of their songs called “A Killer’s Confession featuring Brian Head Welch” has some very demonic vocals and bits and pieces of dubstep sounds incorporated into the song.

Another song that makes itself noticed on this album is “1080”. The songs introduction is an attention grabber itself because the first thing you hear is the sound of a voice from possibly the lead singer talking out words. This song to me was all about struggling to survive every day and trying to fight your demons. The classic topic I believe for every rock band to write about but it never gets old.

“Life of the Lost” is the first song I heard on this album that was very catchy. I enjoyed the lyrics as they were easy to follow along with as well as the message the song conveyed.  Even though it was very catchy the band still stuck with their hard rock and roll roots which made the song ultimately unique.

Even a hard rock band has their times when they make a love song and on this album, that would be “Sympathy (featuring Kimberly Freeman of ONE EYED DOLL)”. This song I think is the softest song on the album which makes sense because it’s about what everyone wants which is finding love. The whole album is worth listening to especially if you enjoy hard rock and roll vocals and instrumentals.

Unbroken will be officially released tomorrow April 28th, 2017 and the CD Release Party will be held at The Foundry in Lakewood, Ohio April 29th, at 7pm event link here. A Killer’s Confession recently announced there tour with NonPoint and Nine Shrines.

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