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Album Review: Self Titled Album Edge of Free


May 24th, 2017-Rock music has always been an outlet for me to cope with my mental health such as depression and anxiety. “Edge of Free” is a band that has no shortness of using rock music to deal with similar issues. Their new self-titled album talks about all the heavy shit that the band has been through together which was similar to what the guitarists Hussey said during an interview.

“Edge of Free” touches on a little bit of everything throughout this album such as depression, drug addiction and recovery. What makes this band unique is they are known to be an acoustic-rock band. I didn’t even know acoustic-rock was even a thing! It also makes sense that their band is from Nashville. Once I listened to their single “Pony” I could hear the Nashville inspiration with the way the singer sings with a little bit of a country twang and noticing that there was only acoustics and no electric guitars. But don’t be fooled by the acoustics because the singers voice adds a rusty and rock and roll sound throughout the whole album. There also singing about deep life experiences that won’t be songs usually praised on the top 100 country hits. The song “Pushin The Needle” is I feel like more about the bands struggles with drug addiction. You can really hear and even feel the singers voice go higher and yell louder in the chorus of the song. When I was listening to it I could defiantly feel his emotions through the speakers and how frustrated he meant to sound while singing this song. On a brighter note the song “In My Time” is about in my perspective the end of the bands drugs addiction and the start of a healthier life. This album is very deep and I recommend it to anyone who has experienced addiction, anxiety or depression at some point of their life which should be almost everyone.

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