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Four Times Bands Met TV

Billie Joe Armstrong ( Nurse Jackie)-


Playing Jackie’s pick up for the night, Armstrong plays a character that could potentially give Jackie a run for her money. Making a quick appearance, Armstrong’s roll was memorable by viewers.  Season 4 Episode 1.


Dave Navarro (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit)-


Playing the character Mr.Ferrari, Navarro was part of an episode that does touch on numerous serious topics. Playing witness to a serious domestic crime, Navarro takes on a character that is all too common in real situations. As normally on SVU, the show tries its best to portray all scenarios accurately.  Season 14 Episode 16.


Patrick Stump ( Law & Order)-


Playing the character Marty Dressler, who is a suspect in a high profile case, Stump takes on a new adventure.Acting. Though the case isn’t pleasant, as are many crime showcases, seeing Stump on a new stage makes the episode enjoyable.  Season 18 Episode 2.


Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson ( CSI: New York)-

Playing characters Chester Bryon and Lila Wickfield, former couple Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson took to the screen playing a Bonnie and Clyde wanna be couple. Taking on the roles in a great fashion, Wentz and Simpson added a flare to the show! Season 5 Episode 18.