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Three Bands To Check Out at SXSW 2017:

Lets Eat Grandma-
Indie rock at it’s finest, UK band Let’s Eat Grandma is my top band to catch this year based off one thing. Their voice. Subtle yet edgy, this band surely knows how play music. A fresh and uncommon sound that will surely make your SXSW experience fantastic.



Skinny Girl Diet-
Two words, girl punk. Skinny Girl Diet restored my faith in punk music, especially girl punk. Gritty and true to what punk stands for ( or doesn’t) this band is a hoot to listen to. Check out the music video for their song ‘Silver Spoons’!



Dream Wife-
Indie rock with pop note this all girl band it already carving their own corner of the industry. With a different sound the band knows the formula to pumping out great jams. Check out my favorite song by them, ‘Hey Heartbreaker’!